ISYF Stopping Raiding

Thunderdog a posted Mar 10, 15

So ISYF as a raiding guild started nearly 4 years ago now, and we've had a lot of success with the format really. Expanding to 20 man has worked reasonably well in some respects- we got raids together, cleared up the heroics and down some mythic ones- but overall the feel of the raids just hasn't been where we want it. Honestly, I think this is largely down 20 people just being too many people. The format of we wanted for the guild was a struggle with 10 people. With 20 it's significantly harder, and we've decided to give up. As a result, we've decided to stop raiding as a mythic guild. It's been a blast raiding with you all, but I think we've come as far as we're going to go.

ISYF will continue to exist as a guild, so people are welcome to stick around if they want to. However I suspect most of you will want to find mythic raiding guilds, and I wish you all the best in doing so. Feel free to poach other ex-raiders for your new guilds :)

PS: We killed Blackhand heroic last night, which was a good way to end it really.

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Givesheals a A real shame, but also a real relief. It's been a huge stress trying to keep things going in 20man and we just neve...

This week we were back into Blackrock foundry with some quick 2nd kills on the bosses we'd killed last week. Those 6 took up the full 2 hours of the wednesday: pretty decent for 2nd kills, especially given we had a couple of new people. Since we 2 shot a few of the bosses last week it wasn't that easy to remember what they did! This allowed us to spend 2 full days on progression.

We went Kromog first on the sunday, as the stats suggested he was quite a bit easier than blast furnace. Though we couldn't stop refering to him as 'Kologarn', he went down after about 1h15 once people managed to avoid all of the different types of rock. With him on the floor, we discovered that him being dead makes the corpse run to blast furnace a lot more pleasurable: apparently it stops the rocks falling down on the way. Good to know! We'll definitely be doing Kromog first in future weeks.

We went back into blast furnace for the remainder of the raid, and on the last go of the night got into phase 3 for the first time, wiping at 1%. Not to be deterred, we overran the raid for another go, and managed to get him on the next, killing him 10 minutes into overtime.

This gave us the whole last day on Iron Maidens. There are a lot of mechanics in the fight, but individually they're not too difficult to deal with, so chaining attempts to get practice seemed to be the order of the day. We killed them with 5 minutes left and ended the raid.

One of the advantages of raiding 20 man is that it's not too hard to run 10 man groups at other times. Swyx set up a post-raid raid to go and kill normal blackhand, which we ended up killing with 17 people. I guess that counts as a guild kill! The achievements system certainly seemed to think so...

Blackrock foundry came out last wednesday, and we spent all week in it on heroic to take a look at the new bosses. We got 4 on the first night, and a further 2 on the second, putting us at 6/10 heroic after the second raid. Overall they seem to have put more effort into involving the environments this time around. The bosses include fighting on train tracks with trains going across them, conveyor belts, and a death rodent rolling round a maze. People seemed up for the new content too: we had almost our whole squad for all 3 raids, meaning the raids were larger than usual with the new flexible system allowing larger raid sizes.

We spent all yesterday on Blast Furnace, which seems quite a big step up from the previous bosses we'd done. The instance definitely gets harder as it goes on. Looking forward to coming back to it next week and grabbing some more of those valuable set items, and hopefully taking a look at some of the bosses we haven't had a chance to see yet.

Kill Videos!

Thunderdog a posted Jan 23, 15
Thanks to Cailen, we now have kill videos! He's got fraps working on his computer, and has put together videos of our first Brackenspore Mythic kill, and our first kill on Heroic Imperator. Check them out!

We've also now got a new videos tab on the website, so we'll collect any future kill videos there.

Ína tonights kill video of kargath , no music or intro feel free to edit a...
So after a drunken holiday season, we were back into Mythic Highmaul killing Mythic Ogron a week or so ago, and we've been looking at Brackenspore since then. Brackenspore is a fairly long fight, though you get into a rythmn of it after a while and things just sorta click. Merry new year everyone!

Givesheals a Lols what's the deal with me not being in this pic! I'm clearly running around in circles panicking about ress...
Thunderdog a Good point buckle- Fixed! So many years of 'heroic' being the top difficulty got the better of me
Buckleberry Also, Heroic Brackenspore ?
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